I plow the field in the spring

I lay a sheet of ground cover after each row. The ground cover helps decrease weeding and moisture retention.

Planting the tubers.


I lay a soaker hose and timer in each row. The soaker hoses are connected to a PVC watering system. Water is fed through the pipe and sent to each row by the on/off timer switch.

Another view of the rows, hoses, and timers


  Things are starting to bloom !!!!!!!!!!!!!  

By October 30, I have cut off the foliage, waited
two weeks, and begun to carefully dig and lift the clumps of tubers.
I wash the tubers right after digging to remove all the dirt. Within three days of digging, I cut off the new tubers from the central crown.

    The tubers are allowed to dry, a lid added, and stored in my barn workroom during the winter.